Anchor A Screened Gazebo For Deck

To anchor screened gazebo for deck, starting with choose the right spot for the gazebo screen. The area should be free of any irregularities or dips and should sit completely flat. Check the area for some hard rocks or stones and remove them. Even small stones can tear or tear down on gazebos. Next, lay gazebo flat on the ground and fold it. When you first remove it from the box, it should look like a large plastic rectangle.

Best Gazebo For Deck

Best Gazebo For Deck

Folding the sides allows the gazebo to lie flat on the ground and show their overall size. After that, find small loops on the sides of the gazebo. The screened canopy for deck should have a loop in each corner and one or two loops on each side for extra stability. Slide a metal tent pole through one of the corner loops. Next, tap the top of the metal insert with a rubber hammer or hammer. Hold the insert against the ground that you hit and apply sufficient force that the insert goes through the loop and the top of the insert level to the ground.

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Fifth, grab one side of the gazebo and pull it over the ground. The side should sit flat on the ground, but the opposite will pull up from the ground. Attach a second tent to this corner loop. Last, repeat step five with each of the remaining corners. Slide bets through the remaining loops and tap them into the ground. Slide the bars through the screen tents for decks as you use plastic tent stakes. The metal inserts anchor the gazebo to the ground.