Best Metal Gazebo Roof Ideas In Yards

Bath Metal Gazebo Roof

Metal gazebo roof ideas give you a freestanding structure where you can relax or entertain guests. These pavilions are easy to erect if you buy one in the form of a set. Using welding or carpentry skills or creativity, you can create a personalized metal gazebo to help complete the look of your outdoor living space. Instead of using a traditional round shape for a gazebo, use a square frame made with black metal to mimic the look of a tea room. Line outer lower circumference with boards of light colored wood.

If you want windows, imitate the look of silk or rice paper screens using transparent Plexiglas or frosted glass. Light inside gazebo with robust Asian style lanterns. Place a cast iron bell or bamboo wind chimes outside the entrance to the gazebo and surround structure with white cliffs. If you want to use the gazebo for relaxation, install a Japanese soaking tub.

Garden house-style pavilions are square and look like garden houses. This type of metal gazebo is best in yards that do not have a lot of shady trees or if you want to hang a swing for two. Accent metal gazebo with dome caps made of copper and complete the look with back walls and railings. Accent perimeter of a garden house gazebo with wild flowers, decorative grass and plants in clay pots.