Ideas of Gazebo Do It Yourself

Wood is easy to work with, but requires significant maintenance with limited durability. Today, the metal is the material of choice for its superior strength and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Building gazebo do it yourself will save big money compared to pre-assembled kits or hire a contractor.

Aluminum Corner Gazebo

Aluminum Corner Gazebo

Building Gazebo Roof

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Decide where you will set the steps for gazebo do it yourself, which can be on any side. Build a concrete slab to extend about 2 inches past the length and width of the stair case, and about 4 inches thick, where the base of the steps will be for support. Measure the distance from one entry to the entry on the opposite side of the gazebo octagon. Cut or buy your rafters equal to half this distance. Add cap plates to the top of the gazebo posts. Nail two opposite roof rails to the center hub of the roof, which forms a truss.

Lift the truss to the top of the gazebo and, using ropes and help, position the truss in place and claws to cap the plates in the appropriate posts. Attach each of the remaining roof trusses to the hub and corresponding services. Nail ramp to the exposed ends of the roof trusses. Climb on the roof, when it is completely stable, and install groove and spring jackets on the roof trusses. Staple on roofing felt. Install asphalt roof tiles with short roofing nails. Attach the rail sections to the ground insert with screws for the outside of the gazebo. Install stairs. Then admire your hands work.