Bowers from year to year are gaining in popularity, which is why they are more and more visible in Polish courtyards and gardens. First of all, we treat them as a place for rest and family feasts, but they can also serve other purposes, for example, storing things. It is also a great place to […]

Solid Roof Gazebos

Gazebo with Hard Roof – Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, most resistant plants in the world. There are 1,000 varieties, but all are sticks, with hollow centers in the trunks. All bamboo wood is hard but flexible. That was once the standard material for fly fishing rods, which must bend sharply and fold […]

Solid Roof Gazebo

Metal Top Gazebo for Sale – If you are looking for strength, stability, firmness, and longevity in a metal gazebo, then you have plenty of options to meet your needs. There are structures from 4 to 12 sides, and there are also irregular structures such as rectangles, ovals and multi-sectioned forms. They often occur in […]

Octagonal Gazebo Plan

14 x 14 Gazebo – When it comes to adding immediate charm to your patio or garden, some options can top a gazebo. Its traditional octagonal shape and wood finish are often associated with cottage-style gardens, but there is a wide variety of designs that employ different shapes and materials to match other landscapes. If […]

To build 10×10 metal roof gazebos, starting with measure, cut and secure 2×4 sections to the top of the posts. This will provide the frame for the room and keep the posts stable. Second, determine the desired roof slope and cut a notch of a 2×6 at that angle and two inches deep. The length […]

Gazebos For Sales

Gazebo With Metal Roof – If you are looking for a little privacy in your backyard, but do not want to miss that light summer breeze that you love, a gazebo with a trellis roof may be just the thing. A viewpoint, in general, has a closed roof. However, the definition is changing, and the […]