Tips before Build the 14 x 14 Gazebo

14 x 14 Gazebo – When it comes to adding immediate charm to your patio or garden, some options can top a gazebo. Its traditional octagonal shape and wood finish are often associated with cottage-style gardens, but there is a wide variety of designs that employ different shapes and materials to match other landscapes. If you are thinking of adding a gazebo to your backyard or garden, keep some basic tips in mind to make sure that you are prepared for the project and get the most out of your finished structure.

Octagonal Gazebo Plan

Octagonal Gazebo Plan

When you think of a gazebo, the image that comes to mind can be of a wooden structure. In many cases, roundabouts are made of wood, with cedar and redwood being two of the most common building materials due to durability and resistance to weather conditions. Pressure treated wood is an affordable alternative. However, there are other materials that can be used to build an attractive lookout. For a low cost, low maintenance option, consider a vinyl gazebo. Opt for wrought iron if you prefer a more elaborate look. Stone and reinforced concrete are other options too.

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In addition to choosing the materials you want to use to build your gazebo, you must decide exactly how you are going to go about the construction. There are several options that you can consider, depending on your preferences and knowledge of carpentry. Find the right area for your gazebo is another significant step in the planning rule. Gazebos are traditionally placed in a garden, so you may want to place your structure in the middle of your garden where you can enjoy the flowers and foliage while sitting inside.